What the Walls Have to Say is a site-specific installation created for bLast the last exhibition that Casa das Artes-Sá da Bandeira will host before entering a period of renovation. Re-imagining space, the installation suggests contemplation of the history and stories embedded in the walls of the building. The idea developed for an architecture that was originally a Psychiatric Hospital and was alive with activity refers to its previous life and significance, and there is an intention to bridge the division between what is seen and what is concealed or forgotten.

The intention is to create an illusion using an alleged memory of the perception of the structure itself. Since our memories are not always accurate in terms of our visual memory, I chose to reconstruct the walls of the room, with a 30-meter curtain of black technical fabric. I kept the square structure of the room by rotating it 90° in its direction. In order to enhance the sense of both enclosure and disorientation, the presence of runners, designed and sewn in translucent fabric, lead to a dreamy representation of fleeing.

What the Walls Have to Say, 2024